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Unveiling the Secrets of 'Chasing The Wind' - Kitesurfing Thoughts Part III

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I'm definitely an easily distracted daydreamer.

This post was due about a month ago and it seemingly suffered endless delays because I spend too much time thinking about writing instead of actually doing it. Fortunately, the sun came out and the approaching 2024 kitesurfing season kicked my butt out of the clouds. It's time to actually go chase the wind.

Before I load my gear into the car or hop on a plane for distant shores, I'm putting out this latest entry on what 'chasing the wind' means to me.

Kitesurfing: Chasing The Wind

  • It's about the road trips and the post session hangout. There is nothing like stretching out your legs towards a campfire and talking about the prospects of tomorrow's wind.

  • It's about seeing those endless shades blue on the water. I've sailed the cloudy turquoise of North Africa, the deep blue of the US Pacific Northwest and the sparkling blue diamonds of Vancouver Island. With every new trip, I see a colour that is different but familiar.

  • It's about putting your wildest ideas into motion. As you run your fingers down the coastline on a map, a trip unfolds in your mind and everything just starts to make sense.

  • It's about the sounds of your session. The sound of the wind in your ears, the silence of a kite launch, the rush of the water under your board.

  • It's about being drawn to the horizon. Your gear is ready to go but you turn to the horizon one more time to relish the moment and be happy about what's to come.

Most importantly, it's about putting an end to the planning and just getting out there. So go chase the wind, it's an adventure.

Happy 2024 season!

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