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Unveiling the Secrets of 'Chasing The Wind' - Kitesurfing Thoughts Part II

Updated: May 2

Trying to capture a the feeling of a session
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I'm a little astounded at how much time I spend thinking about kitesurfing.

After reviewing my little pen doodles, there is so much more to kitesurfing than just getting on the water, having a session and going home. The more I think about it, the more I can see how it intertwines with my life.

This week's thoughts seem to be more introspective than last week.

Kitesurfing: Chasing The Wind

  • It's about the wanderlust. It's not simply about going to another sailing site and doing the same thing because when you change one thing, you change everything. A new launch site, a new wind or a new community brings you increased joy and presence in your session.

  • It's about bringing everything together for a session when you don't necessarily want to head out. The mind is fighting the heart with endless reasons not to go. The sensation of working through all of it, bad session or good, always feels a little triumphant.

  • It's about the excitement when you meet up with a sailing buddy and carpool for a session. Coffees in hand, jokes about the work week, the food pick up and the contemplation of the session conditions. Nothing quite matches the focus and the anticipation of the hours ahead.

  • It's about the memories and the ideas that I can use as an escape while living through the dark of winter. I often visualize the bright blue sky complete with diamond sparkling whitecaps of an open bay. If I think about it long enough, I can hear the wake of my board.

  • It's about the camaraderie when the wind does not show up. There's a hopeful and nervous energy around a crowd that is constantly looking towards the horizon in hopes of spotting a wind line. The emotions rise as you see a wind line creeping closer and closer to the launch spot.

As you can see, the exposure to simple experiences related to kitesurfing brings so much more to an actual session.

So go chase the wind, it's an adventure.

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